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This cartoon was prompted by more US bombings.
The US has bombed 33 countries since WW2.

Tory election fraud was in the news.

Pre election. Brexit the big topic.

book review.

The referendum result was to leave the EU.
But Westminster mainly wanted to remain.
May was in a hole.

Prime Minister May's deal
was to leave in name only.
It had little support.

cartoons and illustrations from the website

Oxfam has said that eight billionaires,
own the same wealth as the 3.6 billion people
who form the poorest half of the world's population. .

The world economy can only function properly
if consumption (sales) and investment (output), go together in tandem.

This is impossible because inequality makes
for incompatibility between investment and consumption.

World growth is slowing.

But world debt is growing.

This is an unstable situation

Crises are inevitable

when unpayable debts cascade through the system.

causing much suffering..

cartoons and illustrations from the website

The present system depends on growth
which ultimately is incompatible with a sustainable world.

Some have more than they can consume.

And the future?

PEET's      Morning Star Cartoons

March 1980, A nasty budget.

17 May 2017.Whistleblower Chelsea Manning free at last.

19 May, 2017. Media bias before the election.

27 May 2019. UK embarrassed by US intelligence leak after Manchester bombing.

20 June, 2017. Grenfell tower.

23 November 2017. Another nasty budget.

Leave the EU? What sort of leave? How to leave? These questions dominated the news.

The gruesome Saudi murder of a journalist, UK arms sales and poppy sales all came together at the same time.

Other cartoons

True blues.

Throwing paint is wrong but compared to the filthy arms trade ........

On the scrapheap.


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to see why present day extreme inequality
has serious repercussions for the world economy.

The Professor
lays bare the reasons why the economic system is in serious trouble.

He uses loads of fun images and very simple explanations.

The Professor further explains economics
with lots of wacky pictures......

.....and gets political,

bcause it's impossible to separate economics from politics.

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to see why inequality continues to rise
and the political, social and ecological consequences
and what might be done.

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